Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

2022 “Postcolonial Remainders: Revisiting the Trace from the Standpoint of the Anthropocene.” In Oxford Literary Review 43(2): 249-267.

2020 “Israelijew Jewisraeli: Yoram Kaniuk’s Adam Resurrected and the Problem of the Human.” In Religions. 11(4). pgs.1-16.

2016 “Humanity Lost: Alterity and the Politics of a Melancholic Anthropology.” In Anthropology and Humanism. Vol. 41(1): pgs. 44-65.

Other Publications

2016 “An Anthropological Paradox” Review of Ilana Feldman’s Police Encounters: Security and Surveillance in Gaza under Egyptian Rule in Anthropology Quarterly. Vol.89(1): pgs. 355-361.

2015 “On Calls to Boycott Israeli Academia” in Public Seminar. The New School.

2015 “Review of Deconstructing Zionism” in Critical Inquiry. Vol. 42 (2): pgs. 412-414.